Why Us
1.Professional Team
Our management team has rich experience in blockchain and financial industry. Familiar with global market, we have professional knowledge and strong execution capabilities (from investment opportunity sourcing to portfolio management) in terms of investment, community building, marketing promotion and recommendation to CEX/DEX.
Our network is made up of global leading experts in blockchain industry and have extensive experience in developing and commercializing projects. We are well positioned to access high quality deals and provide actionable insights to portfolio companies. Meanwhile, we can provide assistances to explore their potential in global market, and aim to drive higher return.
2. Growth Investment
Rooted in Asia, we are a globally focused value-driven investment team. We specialize in DeFi, App Traffic Portal, NFT, GameFi, Meta verse, Basic Infrastructure, and Public Chain Ecosystem projects in North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.
Driven by balanced long-term secular demands with robust growth potentials, we work with global industry leaders and world class blockchain institutions to access value-embedded investment opportunities, delivering strong investment returns by enhancing the value of portfolio companies.
3. Dversified Services
We are dedicated to becoming a trusted partner for companies in blockchain markets, offering comprehensive, innovative and tailored financing solutions. By sharing resources and technologies between the interconnected crypto markets, we provide comprehensive and innovative services and advice for our portfolio companies from an international perspective.
Since inception, we have helped numerous enterprises restructure their businesses and go public. We have also engaged in listing and financing for projects with strong performance and solid growth outlooks.
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