Athena Venture DAO
Deliver a wide range of services spanning the whole investment cycle
Athena's army is composed of warriors known as Saints, who for millennia have battled to protect the goddess and the ideals she stands for. They inhabit the Sanctuary and possess superhuman powers thanks to their Cosmo, the energy of the Big Bang that dwells inside every being. They are divided into three hierarchical ranks – Bronze, Silver and Gold – and wear armors that are linked to the constellations named Cloths.
The story follows mystical warriors called the Saints who fight wearing sacred sets of armor named "Cloths", the designs of which derive from the various constellations the characters have adopted as their destined guardian symbols, and empowered by a mystical energy called "Cosmo". The Saints have sworn to defend the reincarnation of the Greek goddess Athena in her battle against other Olympian gods who want to dominate Earth!
2.Venture DAO
A distributed autonomous organisation (DAO) is a cryptonative and remote-first way for people to coordinate funding, labor, time and social capital. It embodies a community-oriented membership structure and offers radical flexibility in participation in a manner that is unparalleled by traditional “venture capital fund” models.
Athena Venture DAO is a for-profit DAO created by the Athena community for the purposes of making investments into early-stage projects in blockchain industry.
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